Video Player


Video Player Overview

Playback videos in slow motion and scrub frame-by-frame to check your form.

Basic operations

Video Player

  • FBW / FFW: Fast backward / Fast forward (It supports tap and long press)
  • Prev / Next: Previous frame / Next frame (It supports tap and long press)
  • List: Back to video list
  • Flip: Flip the video horizontally
  • Gridline: Toggle gridline
  • Play / Pause / Head: Play the video / Pause the video / Jump to the heading of the video
  • Zoom: In to Zoom mode
  • Capture: In to Capture mode
  • Compare: Transition to Comparable player
  • Vertically: Change play speed
  • Horizontally: Roughly seek the video (top area) / Precisely seek the video (bottom area)

Scrub Demo

  • Play range: Tap <, > on the thumbnail bar to toggle the start / end of the play range
  • Repeat: Tap inside of the play range to toggle repeat play

Play range Demo

  • Head: Swipe left on the Play button

Head Demo

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