Video List


Video List Overview

Collect videos from sources such as your device’s Photo, File, Media, Cloud(e.g. iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc), so you can leverage existing content.

Basic operations

Tap to select the video you want to analyze, or check the video information by long press.

Display elements

Creation date / Thumbnail / Title / Source type / Duration

Source types (iOS Only)
  • Photo Photo
  • File File
  • Media Media
Privacy settings

Ugotoru needs two permissions to show the video list.

  • Photos (iOS)
  • Media & Apple Music (iOS)
  • Storage (Android)

If you see “Permission Error” in the video list, please check these permissions.

  • [iOS] Home Screen > Setting > Ugotoru
  • [Android] Home Screen > Settings > Apps & notifications > App Info > Ugotoru > Permissions

Display mode

Tap the display mode button to switch the display type (Tile / List).

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