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Pro mode (paid) for iOS

The free version has restricted functionality and it periodically shows ads. However, in order to allow as many people as possible to improve in their sports/dance, very few functions are restricted, and they can be tried out by watching ads. Try out the free version, and if you want a version without ads and more functions, or if you want to support Ugotoru, consider purchasing the paid version.

  • Paid version: Pro mode Annual subscription: 26.99 USD per year By purchasing “pro mode” ads will no longer be shown and you will be able to take frame-by-frame screenshots without any restriction on the output size. You will also be able to use the delayed playback function, absolutely necessary for pro athletes, without any restriction on the amount of delay. With “pro mode” you will be able to improve your skills in an even more efficient way.

  • Restoring your subscription on a different device When you change your device, you can restore the paid subscription which you had on your previous one. Open the app, and go to Settings > Pro mode > “Restore subscription”.

  • Confirmation and cancelation Choose “recommendations” on the lower portion of the AppStore screen > Choose Apple ID > Choose “Show Apple ID” > Choose “Manage” and then “Ugotoru” from your subscriptions. From this screen, you can check the timing of your next subscription renewal and cancel/set the automatic renewal.

  • Automatic subscription renewal payment If the automatic renewal is not canceled before 24 hours before the renewal deadline, the subscription will be renewed. The subscription payment will be processed within 24 hours after the renewal.


  • If you have purchased a paid subscription from within the app, you can only cancel it with the method mentioned above
  • Subscriptions cannot be refunded after payment
  • The payment is processed through your iTunes account

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