Master your moves

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Master your moves

Ugotoru helps you effectively practice and teach your moves.

There are many movements in the world that you want to learn, such as videos on the Web and teachers who teach you in front of you.
But doesn’t it take a lot of time and effort to be able to do that?
We think there are three reasons for that.
 1. It is difficult to understand the whole and the details even if you look at it normally.
 2. It is difficult to reproduce what you see with your own body.
 3. It is difficult to practice repeatedly until the movement can be reproduced naturally.
Ugotoru solves these problems and helps everyone to have every move as fast as possible.



Take a close look at the movement

Even if it is difficult to understand the movement by just looking at it, you can confirm it by slow display and frame advance.
Check your movements thoroughly and understand them with the intuitive tracing operations and functions that have been refined to give you a good look.

Guide mirror

Emulate the movement

You can learn by repeating yourself as a model and surely imitating the movement.
The example can be flipped horizontally or played in slow motion, so no matter how complex your movements are, try to blend them into your body steadily and accurately.

Delay mirror

Iteratively improve the movement

You can see yourself going back a little bit in real time.
It’s hard to see in a mirror, so you should improve the quality of your movement by seeing yourself while moving hard or from behind.